Are Moderated User Invites a thing?

I can only seem to give moderators and admin invite permission, or allow all users above the trust threshold to have invite permissions. I am looking for a moderated user invite option if it exists, if not perhaps this belongs in #feature as this is helpful for closed communites where we want to allow high trust users to invite but still be aware of new users and such in the moderator team.

So is Moderated User Invites a thing? Users send, moderators get notice to approve. If so, how do I do that? I have had a harder time tuning the install than I did installing docker in a multisocket environment for the first time! Thanks for the help from everyone in support so far and I’m sure in the future.

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To clarify, you’re asking if there is a way that all invites need to be approved by a moderator before they are sent?

Assuming yes, then no, that doesn’t currently exist.


That’s one implementation, another possible implementation is that after invitation a moderator must “enable” the account.
Either way would be great as the discourse based system in working on is designed to be a semi closed system with referrals. For now I guess moderators have to act as the gatekeepers.

There is a site setting called something like “must approve all users”. I think that is what you’re looking for.

This setting removes all invite permissions for non staff members.
We were looking more for a system that the users issue the invites themselves, and a moderator approves them after they accept invitation. We’re exploring other options here, but the membership seems super resistant to having invites only in the hands of the moderators…

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