Flags in Auto-assigned topics can't be handled by other moderators

(Sebastian) #1

Since the last update, posts that in topics that for tagging reasons gets assigned to a moderator can’t be handled by another moderator. As the assign-function is out of our control, this causes quite a few issues for us. Any ideas here?

Infinite Flight Community Moderator.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is @eviltrout’s code.

(Robin Ward) #3

Ah, in this case I think we need an option to disable locking of topics while assigned to other staff. I’ll get it done shortly.

(Sebastian) #4

For us, it would be better if topics weren’t auto-assigned in the first place. Making it unable to be closed due to someone else being assigned would just cause more issues.

(Robin Ward) #5

I’m not sure I understand fully - if you don’t want auto-assigning why not just disable that feature? Can you not just set assigns_by_staff_mention to false?

(Robin Ward) #6

I’ve also added a new site setting to prevent assigning a topic from locking flags:

Set assign locks flags to false and any staff member can handle flags regardless of who the topic is assigned to.

(Sebastian) #7

Thanks! This will help a lot.

(Ivan Rapekas) #8

Hi, did anybody use flagged report assignment on beta13? First I flagged a post, then assign this flagged report to somebody from the staff. After assignment the assignee receives a notification with instructions but there is no any link to original post.

(Jeff Atwood) #9