Auto-add permissions/unsaved permissions prompt


(Mark Walkom) #1

When editing permissions, it can be easy to add a new set but forget to click the Add Permission to apply it before closing the edit box (don’t judge me! :p).

Would it be possible to have either a reminder - saying Unapplied Permissions or similar - or just apply the new permissions when clicking Save Category?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

I second this. I did forget the apply too many times!

(Simon Cossar) #3

I have forgotten to to this as well, but making a mistake by adding the wrong group to category permissions could have serious consequences. I think having requiring confirmation here is a good idea.

Without a confirmation, there would need to be some way to dismiss a permission after the Edit Permissions button has been clicked.


If it needs to be changed, maybe the Add Permission button could be changed to a green checkmark box, similar to what is used in the Setting controls.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Maybe a good starter task @erlend_sh?