Auto-delete topics the same as auto-close feature

this is a feature request to make it possible to have a category where users are free to discuss without any concern.

two use cases I can think of:

  • for newbies who may be afraid to participate, one can config a category whose topics are temporary and is more like a test environment (like

  • for countries with lots of censorship (less freedom of words), it’d be much safer for users to discuss temporarily rather than permanent.


I raised this here:

The general consensus now is that we want to build something like this. I am going to slot it to next release.


thanks but I guess the functionality of these two features are opposite to each other. as you mentioned in the linked topic, the “auto-delete reply” feature is best for keeping well-documented topics, while the “auto-delete topic” feature is ideal for temporary discussions.

isn’t it possible to have both features?

Sure… we already have auto delete topic, so you can consider that done :+1:


yes of course, then is it possible to add a setting to the categories as “auto-delete topics in this category after … minutes”, just like “auto-close” setting? I’m looking for some way to set a temporary discussion category, and it’d be hard and boring if admins need to set the topics of a category for auto-deletion by hand.

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