Unwanted white image email attachments from one user

I’ve got a single user who loves email replies to our closed forum.

Unfortunately, every single time that this user emails in a reply, it seems to include a small white image with a name like ~WRD000.jpg. It doesn’t seem to be part of their email signature, and I can’t see it when they email me directly. Here is an example attachment:


This has the end result of (with light mode) spacing posts in a most unhappy way!

This is a very high value user, and after being asked to reply on the site they do so, but after a few weeks rapidly fall back into their emailing habits.

Can you suggest a way to tackle this (other than continuing to harangue my user)? I’m happy to PM the raw email if need be.

Google tells me that this is Outlook 2016 related - so I suspect I’m not the only one suffering from this particular ailment! There is at least one other:


The same is an ongoing issue for me, as well, albeit from several users of Outlook or outlook.com.

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As a workaround… Do these blank pictures share a common HTML attribute on all the messages? If they do, you could hide them with CSS, though they’d pop up in quotes (among other screens/actions, I believe).


No they don’t unfortunately - except the alt text. As they all seem to have similar odd names, they maybe could be caught with a clever use of wildcards.

And it is so! Success - thanks for the suggestion:

.cooked img[alt*="~WRD"] {
  display: none !important;

Sometimes it’s all it takes! Glad it works, even if not perfect :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to have a quick look if you could PM me a couple of those emails :+1:


Done, PM’d to you here:


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