Automod flagging innocent posts


For some reason Automod has been flagging completely innocent posts lately.

And a bunch of other posts, but this can be the example for now.
I have checked my watched words over and over again, and nothing should have flagged this, that’s why system’s flag approval rate is so low. It keeps flagging completely innocent posts for 0 reason.
As I said, I have checked my watched words at least 5 times and nothing should have done this. If anybody needs to see it to look into this issue then DM me, as I’m not looking to share it very much.
The words list is really only things we want reviewed or dont want discussed, and again, that post in the example is completely innocent to these words.

Help is appreciated.

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The reason given is ‘watched words’ so it’s going to be tricky to untangle without knowing the watched words list. You could check for wildcards in the Approval list specifically, or if you have watched words regular expressions set and it’s too liberal somehow.


I have no wildcards set, do you want me to send you my list? I dont mind if it helps you look into it\