AWS + Digital Ocean + Cloudflare + Google Workspace (for the n00b like me)

I dont have any coding background. I work in the Emergency Department so posting this to help others like my self that have no clue what we are doing. With all of your help to include @pfaffman and @DursunCan I was able too get this working. If anytihng is explained wrong or you guys see any tweaks, please chime in as you’re the more experienced more than likely.

Godaddy holds the DNS, NS is pointing at Cloudflare.
Main site that we are replacing is with clubexpress provider (, where our workspace records are.
Development site is on an AWS server.
Discourse is at subdomain in Digital Ocean

  1. In my workspace admin console for I added a second domain of and then a subdomain for the discourse. Both verification records activated in minutes on cloudflare.

  2. I followed the Gmail Workspace SMTP relay Tut that is provided. I used the more recent MX records as stated by google if you started workspace 2023 or later.

  3. Cloudflare setup

  1. Discourse SMTP info

  1. Digital Ocean domain/network ONLY contains an A name and the server address. (honestly dont knoow if this is needed.)

Hope this helps someone!

Make a APP password

You may need to update the permissions