Backup installation problem?

i uploaded the discourse to the ubuntu server, abandoned the project, backed up my database, wanted to reinstall it and reinstalled it from scratch, created my administrator account, the site was opened, the confirmation mail arrived, so far there are no problems

i came to the backup installation section, I did the backup installation, redirected to the setup wizard screen again, I entered my administrator name password on the first installation, and now the confirmation mail has not arrived, and that’s why I can’t log in to the site, mail is running on zero installation, but when I install the backup, it comes to the installation screen, the confirmation mail does not arrive, what’s the problem ? if my mail server was problematic, the mail after the zero installation would not have arrived
i installed it with the version I backed up, the version is the same

My guess is that your database has the wrong notification email address, so it’s trying to send from some address that your mail server won’t deliver for. You can do something like

./launcher enter app

See also Troubleshoot email on a new Discourse install

Can the notification e-mail end in gmail? Does it have to be an e-mail belonging to my own website address?

I believe it has to be an email that your Discourse instance is authorized to send from via your mail server.

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Email address for admin account(s)?
I entered as , I wonder if that’s why there is a problem?

What does this mean? Were you able to receive an email from the site before you restored the database?

No. That is a violation of their terms of service and difficult or impossible to set up.

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Yes, I received an e-mail during the first fresh installation, I installed a backup, but I did not receive an e-mail.

The notification email address is the address that Discourse sends FROM not to.

If you can find that email you can see what address it was sent from and change the setting I referred to earlier. And also test if you look at the troubleshooting page I linked to.

I found the mail
sender domain name: domain name signing:

Is this what you were talking about?

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So, how can I adapt and write this as code? Can you write it as an example?

I’m new to installation, I have very little background, sorry for my meaningless answers.

I’m reinstalling, I received an email with my site name, can I use another name instead of the word noreply? example notification for mail

Will there be a problem if the administrator e-mail address and the notification e-mail address are the same during installation?

If you did a standard install, the notification email should be in your app.yml in ENV variable DISCOURSE_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL, so it should not be changed if you restore the database.

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