Bad group assignment count

When you initially navigate to one of our groups, you get an assignment count of 50:

Click through to see what’s assigned, and the number adjusts to a lower number:

But sum the individual assignments & you get back to the original number:

Now, if I navigate back to the default group page, the count is updated to 30 - for a while. Attend a meeting & then go back to the group page and it all starts again at 50. In the words of one of our staff users:

This is boring and confuses us in our community meetings… is there a way to fix this?



This is still happening, only now the numbers are 56 and 31

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This is still happening.

When I first go to the group, 44:

Okay, let’s see the assigned threads, 38:

But no, it does actually add up to 44, despite the big, bold ‘38’ at the top:

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Thanks @ganncamp, I can reproduce this easily internally as well. We will look into fixing the issue in the next few weeks.