Badges not processing

Hi all,

For some reason badges aren’t fully “propagated” across the forum.

Badge has been earned:

Lets take the last awarded badge: “Read Guidelines”

As you can see it has been awarded.

However in the admin section it says, 0 badges.

If I press “Edit Badges” it shows the ability to revoke the badges (so I must have them).

However only the basic badge shows on my profile and profile card:

Why don’t the badges propagate across the site once awarded?

FYI, I’m running on Tor. I also made sure it wasn’t the browser cache.

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How long ago were the badges granted? Some of those views aren’t realtime and only update every few hours/daily.


In this screenshot you can see the times. I guess that’ll be it then, is there anyway to manually run the tasks that does the updating?

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Alright, 10 hours later. Badges have been propagated on some pages, but not on all.

Admin (Succes!):

Top Badges user summary (Still not propagated):


This one is a bit weird since I have the leader badge but it still shows Basic as my first badge and hides the other 9.

Is it really supposed to take this long? How long does it take for badges here, on meta, to be propagated and shown everywhere? Surely it doesn’t take this long. I’m basically just looking for confirmation it is supposed to take this long and it isn’t something on my end.