Best "Support" Option Other Than Email?

I was looking for a ticketing/customer support plugin but cannot find anything that seems up to date or maintained.

Has anyone found any better ways to keep support on the Discourse platform and not just provide an email? Would love to figure out a ticketing option where admins can access them and reply to the user.


I’m not sure it will answer your question, but did you have a look at Tickets Plugin 🎟?


Oh, well, the last updates are from last year, but that doesn’t mean it’s broken or not maintained… Though I’d ask the devs to be sure.


Yeah, but I don’t know if it’s updated and seems to be more of an internal ticket system and not really customer support.

A simple contact form that put messages into topics where staff could respond would be ideal.

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Use the Custom Wizard Plugin for that.


Looks interesting, checking it out now. Thank you!


Are you averse to email generally, or do you mean you would rather keep the admin side of it on Discourse? If the latter, we use a private Discourse DM inbox to handle support here on Meta. Customers email and it goes into our inbox so that we can use the Discourse UI to handle the requests. For more info see How Does Team Discourse Use Discourse?


Yeah, just want to keep anything related to support for the Discourse side on Discourse. This seems to be exactly what would work best. I’ll have to read up on it and try to figure out how to enable it. Thanks!


Does reporter receive any response that their email delivered and successfully converted into the topic?

Currently I go the same way but realize that initially a mail from unregistered mailbox forces to generate staged user (not approved) and such user does not receive any responses from forum. Neither confirmation for their first report, nor forum notification because of by their absence.

I have to manually approve such user, then reply the topic with a phrase “Your request is being processed…/ Your message has been delivered.” Is there any way to automate such reply for staged users or by small action? The email might contain next steps, for example URL to self-activate their account.

As a proposal, this may be a part of Disourse Assign plugin. The reply may be visible to moderators, like a note (not a regular post).

I don’t think this is accurate. The staged user gets emailed notifications of every response and can reply back without you having to intervene (if you have it configured correctly). We certainly don’t do any user management for stages users interacting via email.

They don’t get a notification that their email has been received though. The first thing they get back is our response.

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You probably right, I think I have some incorrect settings causing block outgoing emails.

I see that three staged users used to receive emails (all of them are service accounts, but replies for thier topics by staff are possible). I don’t know what kind of actions triggered those emails. Now any stage user, even a human (the first one) after activating it does not receive emails (Last emailed = none).

Sorry if I write wrong topic. Just want to inform my case, thanks for support.

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