Blog and Docs with Discourse site


I would like know which CMS platform are being used for this page and

Or do they come with default discourse install?

Thanks a lot.

Edit: Based on the likes received from the team, I’m going to say that the information below is correct.

The blog is running on WordPress.

The docs are made using Swagger/ReDoc. You can get more details on Github:


No. They are separate appplications. And runs Ghost.

If you are asking this question (and not viewing source of said blogs to see what generated the pages), you probably want to run WordPress on some WordPress hosting site and Discourse on a separate Digital Ocean Droplet, though I do offer an install with WordPress and Discourse on a single $20/month droplet. Currently I do that install with Caddy doing reverse proxying to a standard install and Apache/WordPress on non-standard ports.


Big thanks to all and your comments.
Since i have used Wordpress on one of existing site, so i would try Ghost as it’s also open source.

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