Blog Post Styling

@oshyan what a lovely site! I especially like your Categories drop-down!


This is actively on my list to try to get working. I just finished some fixes and updates to another component, so I’ll see what I can do with this one as soon as possible. There’s lots on my plate right now, so it might be a little bit. If for some reason you haven’t heard anything in a month, please poke me :slight_smile:


:point_right: poke poke :grin: My writing is frequently long-form and I make perhaps more use of headers than the average person. But I also really like the Blog Post Styling! Hope they can be made to coexist in peace. :slightly_smiling_face:


How can I reduce the text size? I don’t want to use it as 1.25em. I tried to reduce it to 1em with CSS tricks, but it didn’t work.

@tshenry I noticed a few bugs in the blog post styling (also present in the theme preview):

  1. Comment backgrounds are all messed up, and have a weird grey-ish background:

  2. Zooming in on the page, the blog post starts to overtake the sidebar:

  3. User profile pictures and badges seem far too close to their title, date posted, etc. (see above image)

Hi Rootzilla,

Sorry for the late reply. You can change the font size using this CSS:

.category-blog .topic-post:first-child {
    font-size: 1em;
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I’m having an odd bug with just one topic. Others are working fine. The top image doesn’t show up and any image i put there just goes missing. I can’t see what’s going on at all.

Its this one: Take A Smile - Approved Activities List - Public Happiness

I’ve turned off blog styling so the image shows now. If i turn it on again that image disappears.

The only clue i have is that the thumb image in the subcategory also won’t show for this thread and this thread only.

Is it just me or after a recent core update headings became smaller on topics that use the blog styles:

Same here - a lot of bugs appearing since Discourse 3 (and before with experimental features), is this component still updated?