Bookmarks vs reminders

IIRC, there used to be reminders. Then they got rolled into bookmarks as a feature. Took me a while (and a post here IIRC) to re-find them. Okay, fine. I guess I set a bookmark now.

So I started using bookmarks, which appear to default to ‘reminder’ functionality:

95% of the UI is about timing, so this must just be a renaming of reminders, right? Ehm, no.

I now occasionally re-stumble over the fact that the bookmark is retained after I’m notified of it. Really not the behavior I expected.

Sure, there’s (as I just discovered about 10min ago) the ability to set the bookmark to be deleted after I’m notified, but it’s hidden under the cog in the UI. I wonder how many people have stumbled across this, or instead just periodically clean out old notifications like I’ve been doing…

IMO I should be able to configure this behavior in my user preferences (I.E. globally for all topics / notifications) or the “After you are notified” dropdown should not be hidden by default.


It is a global setting at the moment, as soon as you change it on one bookmark it applies to all the future bookmarks.

I am open to also making this discoverable in user prefs, the tricky thing is that we already have so many so fitting this in without cluttering the UI is not trivial.

Holy Easter Egg, Batman! :astonished:

The main Account page isn’t very long. Nor is the Notifications page…

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