Bug? Can't undo a vote in a non-voting topic

(Allan Stromfeldt Christensen) #1

For some reason I’ve got a non-voting topic listed in my votes over on the Ghost forum (the fourth “vote” in the image below). It’s possible that the topic used to be a voting topic and got switched away from being so (I don’t recall), which is why I have a vote for it. Either way, I can’t undo my (supposed) vote for it because it can’t be voted for. Am I missing something, or is this in fact a bug?

(Sam Saffron) #2

My guess is that this topic was moved around, @david recently fixed some issues here.

Can you flag your topic and ask moderators on ghost to flick the category back to Ideas and then back again to Themes? In theory this will clean up the issue.

If this persists let us know here and we can help investigate.