Bug in the subject line of an automate email

translation missing: en.system_messages.email_revoked.subject_template is the subject for the recent email of the system to the bounced emails.


Did you try to customize the subject? Maybe related to Translation missing in english locale?
Can you try to restart or rebuild the Docker container? It should resolve the issue.

it’s the message I got from meta.discourse.com and not something in our forum.


Aha we should fix that bug if it’s from meta.

I suspect it is trying to use your local UI language. That’s probably a bug since it should use the server language, not the user interface language.

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Are you saying that if the user changes the language of the UI, emails should still be sent out in the server language?

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No, it should use the user’s language. But something’s not right in this case. It looks like it fails to find the English subject. I’ll investigate.


Thanks for reporting the bug. It’s fixed.