Bulk Email Sender Changes / Requirements at Major Email Providers

I got a notification from AWS that Yahoo and Gmail are implementing a long list of new rules for “Bulk” email senders.
Discourse I think can fall into this category specially if you use Mailing List Mode (as we do)

Are there any plans (or maybe it already does this) to implement these new requirements in Discourse Emails?

The changes / requirements are outlined here

Some of them are external like DKIM and SPF but there are some changes required also the body of the email

Bulk senders are expected to include a mechanism to unsubscribe by adding an easy to find link within the message. The February 2024 mailbox provider rules will require senders to additionally add one-click unsubscribe headers as defined by RFC 2369 and RFC 8058. These headers make it easier for recipients to unsubscribe, which reduces the rate at which recipients will complain by marking messages as spam.

There are many factors that could result in your messages being classified as bulk by any mailbox provider. Volume over 5000 per day is one factor, but the primary factor that mailbox providers use is in whether the recipient actually wants to receive the mail.



Discourse already generates unsubscribe links in the List-Unsubscribe header and in the body of the message. Have you reviewed these and found them insufficient?


No I just wasn’t sure if these were the same as the RFC Requirements. Was trying to confirm if it already did it as described.