Bulk inviting users and automation

Hey there!

We’ve set up an invite only discourse for a closed beta our firm is about to kick off for an upcoming product launch, and I’ve set up some ‘automation’ to assist with the administration.

Anyone with a work email domain should be forced in to the “Dev” group and have it set as their primary group, assigned the highest trust level - however, this does not seem to be working at all for bulk invites. It only seems to work for individual invites.

Is this… intended? Is there a way bulk invites can go through the same automation rules if it is indeed intended, and if it’s not what should I be doing differently?


Are you assigning them to the group with the group settings or by setting the group in the Bulk invite CSV?


Within the group settings, I didn’t know it could be done within the CSV. I assumed I could only put a list of mails in that?

Solved. I didn’t realise they had to go through email verification.