But I didn't click Answer, I clicked Edit

On https://community.openstreetmap.org/
if one wants to edit their post and clicks the pencil,
everything works out OK. Their edit is saved.
The only problem is it looks to them like they they clicked “Answer”, and they must boldly proceed knowing that they didn’t click Answer, and that icon must be a mistake.

Here on Meta there is no “Answer” choice. This tells me the unfortunate maintainers there on that OSM website have installed some defective plugin.

Perhaps someone might mention what I should tell them is going wrong.

Seen when posting in Help and support - OpenStreetMap Community Forum
which also creates “voting topics”.

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Your forum edited the text for the edit and reply buttons. You should report it to their forum.


Actually, it looks like the Post Voting plugin.

I believe there’s an existing ux topic about this: