Bypass spam for email from your CDCK-hosted site in Microsoft Hosted Exchange


As a hosted site customer, your site’s email comes from a domain controlled by CDCK and may occasionally be marked as spam.

This article will show you how to prevent this by allowlisting these emails in your Microsoft Hosted Exchange admin interface.

Afterwards, emails from your hosted site will be delivered to mailboxes within your domain without being caught by the spam filter.


This is your Hosted Site name (the same as the first component of your CNAME target):

Your Hosted Site name


Open your Admin settings

Access your Hosted Exchange anti-spam settings at:

Edit the Anti-spam inbound policy

  1. Click Anti-spam inbound policy (Default) and scroll down to click on Edit allowed and blocked senders and domains:

  2. Click Allow domains

  3. Click Add domains

  4. Enter, then click the entry that pops up:


  5. It should look like:


  6. Click Add domains at the bottom, it should return you to:


  7. Click Done

  8. Click Save

  9. Click Close

Edit the Connection filter policy (Default)

:warning: This is not normally necessary, but you may be directed to complete this procedure by CDCK Support.

  1. Click Connection filter policy (Default) and Edit connection filter policy:

  2. Enter the address ranges given to you by the CDCK Support Team into the box, then click the entry that pops up:


  3. It should look like:


  4. Click Save

  5. Click Close