Can a category About topic link to the top instead of the bottom?

In one of my categories (Collaborative Proposals - Open edX discussions), I wrote the “About” topic, then I got some replies to it. Now when you click the “read more” link displayed on the About topic in the topic list, it takes you to the last reply in the topic, rather than the About text that I wrote.

Is there a way to have it jump to the top of the topic rather than the end? Can I move the replies someplace else? I guess I should have closed the topic after I wrote it, but that doesn’t help me with the two replies that are there now.


There is a category wide “Navigate to first post after topics are read” setting. When enabled, users will be taken to the first post in a topic if they revisit the topic after having read all of its posts. This setting cannot be applied to just the category’s About topic though.

For your case, moving the replies and then closing the topic might be the best approach. To move the replies, click the topic’s admin wrench, then choose ‘Select Posts’ from the admin menu:

After selecting the posts, you’ll be given the option to move them to a new or existing topic.


Thanks, that’s perfect!

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