Clicking on topic takes me to the bottom of the thread

Sorry if this is a silly question, but how do I set it such that when I click on a topic (e.g. from categories page) it takes me to the top (the original posting) instead of the bottom (latest on the thread)?

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Click on the post count, then the top button.

I just spent about 5 minutes looking for the #howto:faq about this but couldn’t find it… :thinking: Anyone got the link?

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The assumptions here aren’t correct. You are taken to your last read position.

@riking I think you are looking for this blog post… Discourse New User Tips and Tricks … which is also linked in every new user PM, etc.


thanks @codinghorror
then the next question is, is that customizable? (so it goes to the main post every time?)

Entering at your last read position is a critical feature of Discourse to make reading enjoyable.

If you’re making FAQ posts or guides, I suggest closing the topic after the first post and linking a separate discussion topic about the guide.


got it, thanks @riking

Noting that each category has a Navigate to first post after topics are read setting to override the default behavior. In line with what @riking mentioned, I would only recommend using it for FAQ/Guide categories.


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