Can I disable "Jump to last unread" feature?

Hello all,

I set up a Discourse new forum and both me and my co-admins love it. There’s a thing, anyway: some of them aren’t really convinced by the fact that when a user clicks on a thread, the view automatically scrolls to the last unread message. I’m honestly cool with that (who wants to read the first message over and over again? just take me to the new ones!), but yeah… let’s say we still don’t have an agreement :smiley:

So, back to the topic: can the feature be disabled, or it’s just the way it works?

It’s just the way it works… the functionality could likely be removed in a theme or a plugin… but I’m not aware of any sites that have done it.

These aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, but are related things to note:


Yeah, I figured that this is the way it is, and I honestly like it. Now I have to convince the others :smile:

Thanks for the tips as well. I was aware of #1 but not of #2, so great to know!

What are their objections?

Note that, as a user, this is one of many quality of life things that makes interacting on a discourse powered forum smooth.

Also: on longer topics with infini-scroll, it’s pretty much essential. I don’t have the crutch of manually binary-searching through the pages until I roughly find where I left off.

If I ended up needing to interact on a forum where someone had managed to turn this off, I’d have (Public!) Words for the site admin.

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Well… they still don’t manage to build a strong objection. It’s just “I liked the old ways”. That’s why I think the easiest way is to convince them that the Discourse way is better. Not just because it’s Discourse, of course, but because it makes sense indeed.

Did you ever find a way to achieve this?

was this ever solved?

As far as I know there still isn’t a solution for this. We don’t have plans to build one because the feature makes sense. Do you have a compelling reason why you’d like it disabled?

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i can’t imagine why anyone would want this disabled unless they have very short topics. also, the progress/ timeline scroller to the right of a topic is awesome. for going up to top, one click on the topic header (title) takes the user to the OP.