Can I have a global Discobot certification, or, what are the implications of skipping?

I once signed up on some website that implemented Discobot as well. I’ve done the whole interaction, including capibara hunts and all, and I noticed that I got some ‘certified’ badge, apparently somehow approving my account or whatever it means.

Now I signed up somewhere else, and apparently they use Discord as well, so now I had the option to either do the whole thing again, or not have my account certified, although it’s completely oblivious to me what the implication is of that.

As a user of the internet for 25 years, I think I learned the meaning of bold text, replies and hearts anyway, but I somehow felt inclined to finish this onboarding process, because it somehow feels I’m punished (by means of missing out on a reward) by not finishing the interaction.

So my questions are:

  • What are the implications of skipping the interaction. Do I have less possibilities in my account?
  • If none, can that be made more clear?
  • If there are, can I somehow tell DiscoBot that I already interacted with one of its clones, and I really really know how to find capibaras (capibari?) :herb:
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Site operators can customise discobot, I’m aware of several that incorporate community-specific content.

If you’ve seen one discobot you haven’t necessarily seen them all :grin:

Well, this one was exactly the same, and it’s quite a long ride, so I’m pretty sure I won’t do it a third time. So maybe that partially answers the question why new users don’t always interact with Discobot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there could just be a way to get to a short version as well. I’d be happy to like Discobots first message, and type a single message containing an image, a link, some text with mark-up, an emoji, and the word capibara, if that’s what it takes. And if after that, I need to some some community-specific exercise to prove that I don’t just understand social media in general, but also That One Thing that sets that website apart, I’m fine with doing that as well. I’m very patient, just not patient enough for the full out of the box Discobot experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no need to go through the whole experience. Your account is in no way penalised by not.


We don’t have global anything at the moment, so global badging is not possible. I do understand the desire for “I am an experienced user, I can skip this step” action but … don’t you have that already because you can simply refrain from replying to the initial discobot PM?


The way it was setup, with the “certified” badge at the end just have me the impression that it was a really elaborate “I’m not a robot” feature.

Good to know that I can just skip it without being penalized or missing out on something.


Have you done the advanced discobot tutorial :thinking: