Making the Discobot tutorials mandatory

Is there a way to ENFORCE discobot on a user ?
As a mod on a technical forum we get many new people who simply skip discobot and then many other users need to guide them to the how to use this forum posts or stickies etc.

Thinking if a simple tick box that the mods can set so the user must go through discobot and at least get the basic badge before continuing to post.
That must be a tick on a users preference as many users don’t have the badge but use the forum responsibly. The tick box should self clear once the badge has been gained.

Either that or some other method ?

I know that ADMINS can re-trigger discobot but it may be a useful option for moderators too.


I’m afraid there isn’t a way to force users to go through the Discobot tutorials currently.

It is possible for a user to trigger the tutorials at any point as long as they don’t have ‘Skip new user onboarding tips and badges’ ticked on their Preferences/Interface page. For that they would need to type either:

@discobot Start Tutorial or @discobot Start Advanced Tutorial

in a topic or PM for discobot to send them a fresh one. :+1:

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Would work if we would have this What if badges could optionally synchronize group membership? - #4 by sam


I know how to use Discourse, Why a moderator or an admin would reckon it’s good policy to annoy me as a new user?

That is one point more to consider about.


I wouldn’t assume this applies to all users, that would be user-hostile and deter engagement. I took the request to mean a way to force specific users who aren’t making the minimum effort.



I understand totally that point. Is it useful and does the course of discobot change important parts of user’s… abilities can be put under debat, but sure it one tool among all others.

We, or I, can blaime language barrier here but I didn’t read it that way.

Well, I don’t have anything more to add now :wink:

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I know a user can self trigger discobot.
I know an ADMIN can re-trigger it.
My question was specific for moderator useage.

Lets take a simple example.

Noob op made first post but failed to use code tags to post his code which make the post about 4 pages deep.

User comes along and asks OP to edit post and please use code tags and provides a link to forums rules and usage.

OP posts updated code and again without code tags.

First user bails and a second user comes in with helpful advice and recommends code tags.

OP updates his code as per 2nd user suggestion then posts again without code tags.

Other users start to report the OP as ignoring forum decorum.

Note that in many of those cases the OP can quite often becomes a little aggressive further on in thier topic at being told how to post code. Not to the point of a ban but certainly warnings.

So now Moderators are involved.
These are common incidents where OP just wants quickest answer and will simply ignore any additional advice.

Yes Language can also come into play but the same advice is also available in at least 7 languages.
The top of each forum and sub forum has a sticky with the advice.

@Jagster Now again this would not be used for “everyone” and only some specific usage cases where the OP has ignored all other attempts at giving them advice.
Our users are for the largest part very very accepting of noobs and quite gentle towards them. Taking both time and going in some cases to extraordinary lengths to help them.

It is a circular issue that we keep coming back to. We as moderators are often left in our case in sole control of the particular forum with almost no intervention from its owners. We have updated the usage guides to be as simple and easy as we think we can. There is no multiple page edicts and agreements, we do not ask for your first born child as a deposit. :rofl:

@Stephen Yes we do have some minimum standards, and we can be quite forgiving on even some of those, but there are more and more users who seem to think that the forum is directly run by the parent company.
They often give off the impression that they are the only one who counts and can demand that we do what they want in terms of helping them.

With over 99.9% of the users having nothing to do with the parent company from over 1.2 Million users I feel that the regular users are often the ones who need our help in dealing with the errant noobs.