Allow setting maximum consecutive replies on a per-category basis


Our Discord instance (around 40,000 users, mostly from the United States) has been running into a problem - while setting a maximum limit of 3 consecutive replies has worked out really well for the forum in general, there is one particular category in which our users play a game, a forum-based version of Mafia, in which editing posts is not allowed; there, the 3-post limit adversely affects players from unusual timezones, who feel unable to participate, as the forum prevents them from posting further if they have forgotten something in three posts, and they are not allowed to edit their previous post due to the (necessary) rules against that.

Allowing the modification of this setting on a per-category basis, whether in a new update or through a plugin, would be the perfect thing we need to help our users from less-common places like Oceania from feeling left behind, without opening up the rest of our forum to unintended bad posting behavior.

Thanks for your help!


Iā€™d support this. We have a very active userbase where there are community leaders who regularly update a specific official pinned post that is closed to other replies. (Events, announcements, that sort of thing.) They find themselves unable to post on their own topics because of this restriction.

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For now you are going to need a plugin here, I get the request, but it is a bit rare


Does one exist yet, by chance?