Can we be private and public at the same time?

We currently require all users to create an account before being able to view anything but are being asked more and more about making the site open to public viewing.

So in an attempt to ensure that the site remains fully moderated we would like to be able to keep the site private (for now) and make one category public (as a trial) but ensure that only registered users can post and have those posts approved by moderators.

Is this something that could be accomplished or does anyone have a more simple way of trialling this?


Yes, each category has a security tab within its settings so you could set one category to be viewable by “everyone” and restrict all other categories to “trust_level 0” — which is a group all registered users belong to.

We have a video that explains how to setup permissions:


That’s always the case.


Thanks for this Kris, this will come in super handy.

Is it possible to ensure that all posts are approved by a moderator before being posted on the site?

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Yep, there’s a approve unless trust level setting that you can adjust. You can set it to Trust Level 4 (which can only be manually granted) and then all users would need posts approved.