Can you de-admin the AI Bots, or change their profile picture?

Edit: this is not true any more.

Totally OT, but if someone is looking for ”bot profile picture/image…” and this topic pops up, but target is AI-bots then an admin should check out that profile and perhaps take away admin-rights. Then profile picture can be changed.

AFAIK, you aren’t able to do that, right? I know you can’t for system and disco, but I could have sworn it applies to the AI bots too.

Of course I can. They are users.

Just double checked, while you might be able to drop admin from rails, you certainly can’t from the UI:

I certainly can and I’ve done. It is the only way change profile picture because the system otherwise doesn’t allow changing.

I am ”super admin” and I can give and take away admin status.

I’m a developer as well on the forum where I took that screenshot, and I certainly cannot take away AI Bot’s admin.

No? You could just go to that user’s preferences and replace it there. We’ve done that for our discobot, and have never needed to revoke its admin.

(Not sure why the onebox is failing, but disco’s pfp is indeed replaced, and he’s renamed)

Right, just tested myself, and somehow ai bots are different from disco and system and you can’t just upload a new one. I’m going to test and see if impersonating them allows me to instead.

EDIT: From the bot’s accounts you can’t change it either, only option is system assigned.

You are right. Now. But I’m 100 % sure this has changed quite recently. But now we can change profile pictures of AI too.

I have to edit my post that started this… thread. I’ll flag mine too because now we are off topic regarding AIs.

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You can? AMC won’t let me, it just throws the “FAILED” error. It lets me upload and try, but then fails when I try to save the change.

I tried before I answered and it went ok. Version of Discourse? Phase of the moon? Local frequency of hattifatteners :joy:

These can be quite mystical things.

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Is this just with the most recent version of discourse that the bot accounts can’t be de-admined, for previous versions it is still possible?

That would matter for older sites if they aren’t updating to current exponent + if it is possible to do new installs of previous versions.

This is spooky to me the permanent admin A.I. bots I don’t like those, even being deactivated why must they still be present?

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