Cannot change category description

I created a new category and click on change description - it takes me to the “About *** category” page - but I can’t change the description there. The edit option appears only for the title of the category.
I am logged in as admin of course.

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Run your site in safe-mode and then try again. Is the problem still there?

Did you ever try the wrench button?

The wrench - doesn’t work. It let you close/ open the topic - I did that as well - but no help.
@Dax - Ran in safe mode - still same issue.

The post controller buttons looks strange.
It should be looks like this

and even more button if you’re a staff user.

Do you have third party plugins installed?

Not plugins - only themes and components - but they were disabled when testing in safe mode anyways

What is the version of Discourse?
What theme are you using?
Which browser are you using?
Have you installed any extensions on your browser?

Also can you screen the settings post menu and post menu hidden items?

You probably edited it without remembering and the edit button has not been added in the post menu setting


@Steven - oh yes that was it. So silly of me. I thought it will appear in the ellipsis button.
@Dax - thanks for your support as well.