How to edit an existing category


I have searched every for an answer. For the life of me, I can’t find where to go to edit an existing category.

I have all permissions on my discourse. I can navigate to “Categories” but once there I can’t find any Edit options. Is this possible ?


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If you want to edit an existing category head over to the category you want to edit. You should then be able to see a wrench :wrench: icon. This will take you to the category settings. In my example I would be editing the ‘Meta’ category.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Either there was a UI bug or I was missing something.
I think the bug was that even if I was on the category I couldn’t access the wrench icon without it having a drop-down suggesting “New Topic”.

However, I was able to access the parent category settings and when I returned on the sub-category it displayed the wrench icon and brought me to settings.

Thanks for the help!

Glad you sorted it. Out of curiosity is your site on the latest version of Discourse? Just asking because there was this bug around a week ago.


I guess that could be the bug that I had.

This is my current version:
[c3394ed9bb ]

I’m relatively new to discourse. In the admin/upgrade it says that discourse was updated 3 hours ago so I guess it was fixed at that moment.

Are updates automatic ?

Upgrades cannot be automated as far as I am aware. You have to manually go to your-site-name/admin/upgrade

very well thanks for the feedback!

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