Cannot filter by subcategory without visiting parent category first

(David Maxwell) #1

This is not a deal breaker as there are ways around it, but it is an annoyance. If you are on any of the latest/new/unread pages (category page as well, but I ignored that since the dropdown is kinda redundant there :stuck_out_tongue:), there is no way to filter by a sub-category unless you are in the parent category first.

So if I wanted to look just at spec, I have to select feature first, then filter by the sub-category. And I can’t get to translations without filtering by dev first.

(please feel free to move this to feature if y’all disagree)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why not just use the hamburger menu at the upper right, click on “Categories”, then click on the subcategory you want?

(cpradio) #3

Because we are creatures of habit and flock towards the biggest most noticeable dropdown :smile:

(David Maxwell) #4

And if I want the latest/unread/new, I have to choose one of those options.
It’s still two steps.