Cannot filter "X posts in topics" from private profile cards

At the top of long discussions, there is a list of users who posted in it.
When you click a user avatar, it reveals a user card, in which you can click a nice “X posts in topic” filter button, that will show you all their posts, without the other user posts.

But for some users, the user card only shows “This user’s public profile is hidden.
I guess they have activated some kind of privacy option.

But then in this case, the “X posts in topic” filter button is also not shown, which I think is not by design.

Here is a 3+ posts user example, near the end of the posters list.

That means they’ve ticked the “Hide my public profile and presence features” on their Preferences/Interface page. This will hide their usercard, and replace it with the “This user’s public profile is hidden”

You can manually replicate the topic filter for these hidden users by adding, eg.
?username_filters=jammydodger to the end of a topic address. Though this does require some user-knowledge that isn’t intuitive. (note: if triggered from within the same topic, then a page refresh is required also).

I have wondered myself whether hiding the topic filter is strictly down to the extra privacy, or whether it’s just scooped up by it being on the usercard.

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I think it’s a bug that a private user profile card makes a topic-level feature disappear.

I think this is more a ux thing than a bug, as it doesn’t break normal use of a forum.

How do you envisage it working as an alternative? Still show on the usercard, just without anything extra, or perhaps as a button on each post somewhere?


We could still show that black private user card, but it would include that missing button, which is not revealing anything from the private user info.