Can't Create New Tag

Might be related to this

Latest update… sometimes can’t create new tags:

can you try to give a clear repro?

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Typical workflow:

Create new >> add title >> tab tab >> add tag (doesn’t show “create new”).

That’s not a clear repro, I can never repro doing this.

kk. i’ll work on providing a better example. maybe i can capture it on a screencap.

I recorded this:

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Have you checked on the browser console if there are errors when you can not create the tags?
Have you checked if they make new errors on the logs of the forum?
Can you see if it also happens in safe-mode?


Ok I think I have an idea what might happen here, something with « men »being present in every result. Should be enough to find a fix.


So what happening here is, that “men” tag is already created, but is not returned in the five results from the server request as not considered the most relevant.

This should fix it: