Create, add tags is wonky

i use tags religiously so any changes in UI / UX (this might go better there…?) is something i notice.

I used to be able to create tags effortlessly and very, very quickly, and I was able to tab through the process very quickly. now, it seems that this is broken and i have to resort to arrow keys back and forth and even using my mouse.

something happened where adding / creating tags to a post takes more time and more clicking.

what i used to be able to do:

  1. add title to post
  2. tab, tab (to get to tag box)
  3. type tag1 > tab > type tag2 > tab > repeat…
  4. tab out of tag box and start writing content.

it was really fast and natural as i worked my way down the fields.


I do agree there are a few more issues to fix. I will improve the keyboard story and fix a few other issues, we will get there before the end of the week.

For future reference please create issues in this topic: Help us test select-kit


I did great progress on this:

  • good tab handling
  • left/right arrow navigation for selecting/deleting an item
  • support for cmd+a to select all and backspace to delete

Dozens of other small details… I will most likely release this tomorrow or monday morning.


omg. thank you. this will bring the workflow back to maximum speed!



another issue. i could create multiple copies of this tag.


subject >> tab >> tab >> “test” >> tab >> shift-tab (to go back to tag field) >> “test” >> tab >> shift-tab >> “test” … repeat.

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The multiple tag issue is fixed on my branch fyi.

I’m a little bit late on this, I have been sick and also I want to get rid of the “flashing” while you type, this is very hard to get right with the random nature of network, but I have some ideas I’m trying to apply here.

Also wanted to backport left/right arrows navigation to multi-select components:


was this released? Just checking!

It’s fully done the PR is ready. But I’m having a complete break with mostly no internet for few days and didn’t want to push just before leaving. So I will push it when I come back next wednesday 100%. Sorry for the delay, hopefully you will like this update a lot :wink:


I pushed the update yesterday, please have a look.


a fantastic update. much appreciated!


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