Can't dismiss unread if last post is an assign or whisper

I can reproduce this on Meta (team, feel free to impersonate my account to see).

If a topic ends with an assign/unassign or a whisper, the dismiss button on the unread tab doesn’t clear it.


@mjrbrennan can you add this to your list :slight_smile:

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No problem I will add it!


@awesomerobot I was able to reproduce this bug locally and fix when a whisper was the last post in a topic, however if an assign/unassign last action the Unread tab was clearing fine. To try and reproduce I:

  1. Created a topic as one user
  2. Watched as another
  3. Assigned the topic as the first user
  4. Went to the Unread tab as the second user (where the topic came up as unread)
  5. Clicked the Dismiss… button and confirmed the modal

All of the unread items were then cleared. However if I did the same actions except replacing step 3. with creating a whispered reply, I ran into the bug and the Unread list would not clear. Was there anything else I would need to do to reproduce the assigning/unassigning part of this? If not I’ll just get up the fix I have :slight_smile:


Hmm, not sure… I just went to clear my unreads again and more of them cleared out … but a few are still lingering. Maybe assign was a red herring.

I can’t consistently reproduce this, so maybe there’s nothing else to be done at the moment.


Thanks for that, I will just push up the change to ensure the unread topics are dismissed if a whisper is the last post :+1:


A fix for this was just merged FIX: Unread topics not clearing when whisper is last post by martin-brennan · Pull Request #8271 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


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