Can't find the "esc" string in the admin customize text panel

I want to translate the “esc” string in the admin panel, but it seems not to be there.

I mean the esc that is written top right of the blue message in the composer (it’s in several similar educational messages):


can someone help me if you know the of the string?


The reason you can’t find it is because we’re not using an actual string here, but we should be.

It’s currently set in CSS here

discourse/compose.scss at 62ebfbbb67f75d6e09955f5ef56f2abd62fd6da5 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

We’ll get that sorted, but you can add this to your theme if you want a quick fix.

.composer-popup {
  a.close:before {
    content: "esc"; // change to the desired text

thanks :+1: that was handful.


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