Can't get to Discouse


We just installed Discourse on our server. There was an issue that prevented us from accessing SSH since we changed the plan on our VPS hosting. All the issue have been fixed with that now, but we can’t get to the Discourse Forum. The support person there said to come here for answers.



Well, is this now an official install in a docker-compatible VPS?

The last time you were on a not supported server, and now you are trying to use a 3000 port which is not supported.

If you want to use Discourse, you gotta use the official install guide.


We used the development version. It was working well, until we upgraded the package.

If you use the docker install – this is pretty painless to install. I’ve spun up instances quickly…

We would love to do this, but our hosting provider does not support Docker

Do they give you ssh access? Install docker that way…or use a better hosting provider…This sounds like a horrible hosting provider…

They do have SSH access, but don’t support Docker. They are currently in beta, so they are still working out some things

How do they not support docker? Do you not have root access? This is making zero sense…

You could always talk to one of the support people there.

They do have Docker support. Would you be able to try installing it?

No. You can do it yourself.

If it is not in the Docker container, this is an unsupported install.

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