Can't login after upgrading [similar-to-dev] non standard environment

First of all, thanks for this amazing piece of code.

Secondly, I’ve tried to my best to find the answer , googling, messing with git , bundle and rail commands, to no avail.

Thirdly, I know my case wouldn’t be officially supported; but I trust/expect/hope some good soul out here will be able to help this miserable one. (Actually, I migth be willing to pay, but unfortunately not much more than a beer, because of budget limitations since all of my work on this project has been voluntary).

After upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5 beta i found myself unable to login (it’s a non standard environment - potentially about to double as development environment for a couple of plugins, but as for now only on production).

This installation was done as if in a development environment, since my host didn’t support Docker. I have been tinkering with some plugins, and adjusting them to my needs; I am no computer scientist nor engineer, but find myself hacking a lot, and I’ve been thinking of creating a plugin or two. After solving this issue, I might be more confortable in trying to create them.

The only message I found that could be related to it is this one, located on ‘log/production.log’:

DEBUG -- : Delivering backlog [#<struct MessageBus::Message global_id=-1, message_id=-1, channel="/__status", data={"/new"=>1, "/latest"=>2, "/delete"=>0, "/recover"=>0, "/global/asset-version"=>1, "/site/banner"=>0, "/file-change"=>0, "/logout"=>2, "/site/read-only"=>0}>] to client c3817627e7564d7d952f062752b9bf03 for user

Some more information

  • OS: Debian Buster on a low-budget company offering’s VPS (with no docker support);
  • NGINX 1.13.5
  • redis 5.0.3
  • Ruby: 2.6 ;
  • I have been using rbenv;
  • things were running smoothly until the last upgrade to 2.4.x beta (since I’m not totally sure, let’s say 2.4.0) - upgrading to tests-passed 2.5.x broke my setup;
  • running in production with puma 4.3.2;
  • Site loads, and I can see all public content correctly;
  • Tried to login with all previously configured methods: password; SSO (Google/Facebook); email
  • When I tried to start debuging this issue, I found that probably my nginx config was too old - updated it according to github/discourse ‘official blob’

What happens at the fronted is no error message when trying to login, but also redirected to the same initial / non-logged in state .