Can't mark a post as wiki anymore

I’m not seeing the green icon either. I’m on iOS at the moment. The pencil under the more icon is there, though.

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Ok this is fixed in

There were a couple of problems here:

  1. We were increasing the post’s version of the post client side without considering whether the post’s version was actually increased server side. That was causing all sort of weird rendering patterns because the post version is used to determine whether we show the edit icon.

  2. Marking a post as a wiki was bumping the post’s version which is wrong and results in a client side bug where the edit history window will contain a version without any changes.


This is fixed!

Thank you so much @tgxworld ! :slight_smile:


O dear. This is actually a feature we support and the post revision is meant to display the wiki icon if the post was made wiki. Will have to revert my change here and add tests for this case.

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Ok found the actual bug

Reverting the previous change I made in


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