Can't modify WP-Discourse configuration

I need to create a WP/Discourse forum, so i install WP-Discourse on my WP with an OS in PHP 5.4.16. Because i want Caldera Form plugin to post automatically form content, I install the required version of PHP for Caldera, PHP 5.6.
And it’s a this moment that i notice i can’t change the Discourse configuration. When I change a parameter and i save, the change are automatically reset. I try to reinstall the plugin, but nothing change.

Anyone know the problems ?

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Maybe start by looking at your server’s php error logs?

looks like some extension (probably cURL) is not installed.

Problem solve.
To upgrade the OS to PHP5.6, we use a script, and the script create a problem between cURL and Discourse. So we downgrade the version and find an alternative to Caldera Form.

Thank for the help