Can't "move to new topic" from PM

(SketchUp Community Manager) #1

This is really annoying because many new users have problems they PM me about that I would like to post generally to the community. Therefore, I try to “move to new topic” and for some reason it only allows me to move to existing…

Am I missing something?

Discourse as a private email support portal
(Tobias Eigen) #2

I agree with this one - happens all the time and I wish it were possible to move PM to new topic. Basically the workflow is to create a new topic and move the discussion from PM to that topic.

(Kane York) #3

There might even be a usecase for a “Convert to public topic” action on PMs.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Hmm can we make this work @eviltrout?

(Lisa Wess) #5

I move PMs to new topics pretty frequently. Works really well on our install and it’d be pretty bad it we lost that feature. On v1.4.0.beta6 +882…

Oh interesting - this appears to be an option if there is at least one reply to the PM - but not on single topic private messages. I tend to only need to move replies so I hadn’t seen that weirdness before.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

OK good info, so this is only a problem if the PM is a bare topic with no replies.

So your workaround, @AlexAB, is to reply then move it. Does this suffice?

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