Can't post a featured link if the generated title is shorter than the minimum limit

I posted this in support as this may be intentional i.e. a feature. How does the team feel about this one?


I’d say that is buggy, and not expected behavior (and perhaps something can be done to detect a URL before the min character limit is checked).

I’ve never run into this as I set mine to 5, perhaps a work-around in the meantime for your instance.

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Last I checked you could add to or override the suggested title from the URL. Does that still work?

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Yes it does. But in my understanding it should allow posting without needing to do so.

Why? Either you want a minimum title length, or you don’t.

It’s just screaming for abuse otherwise.

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Only in the case of featured links I mean.

Not facing this issue in production. Just seeking an answer from a dev’s perspective. Although, thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:

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