Can't rename topic if try to capitalise it

I’d like to rename a topic along the lines of “Usa” to “USA” but this doesn’t seem possible. I’m able to rename topics when changing the words entirely.

I guess I could rename it to something else entirely temporarily but it would be better if Discourse just allowed my intended change. I’m on 2.7.0.beta8.

I think this is a bug though as always I can see the other side of the argument.

Thank you.

Edit: It turns out it’s not possible to capitalise via an intermediate topic title. Discourse remembers the original title and insists on it!


Are you trying to capitalise the entire title? And if so, have you got this setting turned on? That prevents all caps in titles.



Yes I did have that setting turned on! That must have been the reason. Thank you very much.


After changing that setting, when I tried to create a topic with an all caps title (or rename an old one) it said: Title seems unclear, did you mean to enter it in ALL CAPS? It offered one answer - “OK” - and when I clicked on it, it went back to the editing screen and didn’t allow the creation/renaming to happen. The answer was to tick allow uppercase posts (allow all caps in a topic title or a post body) in settings. That setting seems to take priority over title prettify - which I have ticked again, as it has its own benefits. If I were to keep the old allow uppercase posts setting I would change the pop up text to something simple like “Titles or posts can’t be ALL CAPS: please edit”.

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