Can't reverse silencing a category for a group


I have a problem with a category silenced for an entire group. Obviously an admin made a mistake and silenced the category for this group. I did the reverse manipulation, but it looks like it doesn’t fix things. The category is still silenced for the group.
It is certain that the silencing of this category has not been configured by the users, it is indeed the consequence of an admin action.
How can I rectify this?
Is this normal or is it a bug?

Thanks for your help.

If it didn’t offer to change it for everyone when you changed it back you might need to look at Administrative Bulk Operations for hints on how to fix it, or ask for help if you’re hosted.


I can reproduce this on my local test site. I am not certain if this is the expected behaviour or not, but I can see how it could cause problems. I think that removing a category from a group’s muted categories list should either automatically unmute the category for the group’s users, or give the admin an option to unmute the category for those users.

Hello Simon, thx for your time.

I tested without result.

It is as if the category was blocked in silent mode for the users, whatever the settings made in the groups. I tried to remove it, put it back elsewhere etc … nothing helps :confused: