Can't uninstall on Ubuntu 18.04

I followed guide here:

and now I want to remove it along with database, and possibly re-install so that I get clean one.

command like:
. /launcher stop app

it doesn’t.

This is discourse’s file sturctures:

I my be wrong, but you installed Discousre on to a bare machine and the command

./launcher stop app

is for use with Docker container which uses the launcher command.

Since you did not install using the Docker instructions there is no launcher command.

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So then I can simply delete that folder and maybe re-initialize postgre db to reset discourse?
If so, how do I reset postgre?

Thank you.

I can not answer that as I created my first development Discourse host using WSL 2 on Windows 10 just a few days ago and have not tried to remove it. I do plan to remove and do the the instructions again to make sure it was not first time users luck.