Uninstalling discourse instance


Is there comprehensive documentation available on how to uninstall discourse instance via command line?
This is required to do a clean install once again.

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According to the official installation guide, discourse lives inside its own docker container.
So, you simply need to stop the container and remove /var/discourse folder.


  1. ssh into your vps server.
  2. cd /var/discourse
  3. ./launcher stop app
  4. ./launcher destroy app
  5. cd /var
  6. sudo rm -rf discourse
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It would be nice to include Uninstall section in installation or some other guide.

Since the recommended way to do things is to install Discourse on a fresh installation used for nothing else, the way most people uninstall is by destroying the virtual machine.

Those instructions are by design for only the one most standard case.


Absolutely, “Uninstall” is so year 2000 :wink:

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