Can't upload images and files as it says the service protocol must be: '_tcp' or '_udp


I have a website that runs discourse and in my discourse website/server, people cannot upload photos or send photos because this message pops up: Invalid service protocol must be ‘_tcp’ or ‘_udp’.

Plus, I, an admin, also can’t send or upload images. How can I fix this so that the format does NOT have to be that? Uploading photos and stuff was no problem before but since some time point, it became like that.

I’ve looked through my settings, especially “Files”, but I’m still puzzled about what the problem may be. Could I please get an answer to this?

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you using S3 for storing images and other uploads?

that is how it looks inside the File settings so… I don’t think so. Does it have to be checked? I did see mentions about “S3” but I had zero idea what it meant.

You haven’t enabled S3 so you’re not using it.

Looks like you’re using our DNS-SD gem? I think the message is coming from there.

Are you using it in conjunction with SRV records?

The question is always “What changes did you make?” when the behaviour changed. Do you recall?