Capitalized words in titles got turned into lowercase when not English

I’ve hit on a strange problem.

The titles of topics, if they include non-English characters (e.g. CJK), all-capitalized English words get turned into lower-case, except for the first letter which is upper-case.

This does not happen in English titles.

For example:

PPT: This is a POWERPOINT presentation

is not affected, but:


gets turned into

Ppt: 這是powerpoint報表

It does not seem to affect words that are mix-casing.

OK, found this:

So, I tried turning off tittle prettify, but then it rejects all my CJK titles with all-caps English words. If I change those all-caps English words into mix-caps, then it is accepted.

The rejection says: Title seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

If I change even one letter in the all-caps word into lower-case, then suddenly it seems to be a complete sentence to the system. :sweat_smile:

SUGGESTION: When a title contains more non-English letters than English letters, it is most likely a foreign language. In that case, you really should be by-passing most of the English-based rules.

No worries. Found this:

Turns out that the titles I entered have CJK characters, symbols and all-caps words. Thus trapped under this rule.

Again, for titles with a majority of non-English letters, this really should be turned off, because those English letters are probably markers, ID’s, model names, and other symbols.

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