Not allowed to use CAPS in a title

I need to use capital letters in a title.
There is some magic force that makes them into lower case, except for the first letter.
Maybe the assumption is people will never need to write “USA” etc.
OK, it happened on

Maybe there is some language setting the admin used…

Anyway, I shouldn’t need to try to contact an admin just to adjust case.

Maybe I need to use full width NLSC: NLSC.
$ unicode N
OK, I’ll use that as a workaround.
Maybe that will outsmart “it”.
Nlsc 用 osm, osm 不能用 nlsc

Anyway, all I wanted to write was

They are abbreviations for


I don’t see why my mom paid all that money for me to see an English tutor,
to learn proper capitalization, and all that is being ruined by some assumption that proper people don’t use caps more than one at a time ever.

OK, the only way for me to save face now is to forget about using abbreviations at all.
I’ll just write “OpenStreetMap” like you see above.

But that will probably get mangled too. How dare it have a cap or two in the middle. So never mind.

By the way, the site

isn’t all Chinese, nor all English.

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I get not allowing all-caps in English. The situation where there are Chinese characters (which as I understand it are not something to which the concept of case applies!) mixed with English acronyms seems like a special one which should not be blocked.


Say, there must be some “trick” I can use, else the word CAPS would have got wiped out in the title of this post I am typing here.

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You should ask the administrator of the OpenStreetMap forum if they can enable the “allow uppercase posts” setting. This setting will allow you and other users to post in all-caps.

Well, that is an idea. I could post something there asking them to do that, but I don’t want to use up my “three wishes” there too fast.
No. Let us fix this problem right here at the origin! Yes, it won’t fix my post, but it will save thousands of users in the future much confusion when they are completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and simply want to say “USA”.

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Anyway, wouldn’t it be “good manners” for the system to print a little message that it is changing the case of ones characters, and also be sure to say the reason, (that would be the hardest part! (Good manners not to use caps?)), instead of having the user come back 8 hours later feeling like a fool when he sees what he posted.

The message could even say “Grown ups don’t use so many caps. Are you sure you still want to use so many caps?” With a checkbox.

Experiment 5, ASCII with spaces…
N L S C 用 O S M, O S M 不能用 N L S C
Nope, that got zapped too. Boy you guys are pretty good with the zapping.



This is a rare situation we hadn’t previously considered.

We’ll look into it.


These are all great filters, but they really should be off by default. The same boards that people would make a fuss about such issues, would also have administrators with the ability to change the settings.

Other boards barely have somebody who managed to install the program, and couldn’t be contacted to fix anything anyway.

If there’s some board where everybody wants to shout at each other then that’s for the administrator to turn off, not to turn on.

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The issue of using all caps in titles has been discussed extensively. It is acceptable to use capital letters in titles, as long as it is not excessive. A title such as “This needs to STOP now” is perfectly fine.

Forums using a CJK locale can also type titles in their native alphabet just fine, as we automatically disable ALLCAPS detection on it.

But, if a user types in ALL CAPS CJKCHARS ALLCAPS MORECJK, it triggers an all caps detection because all lower caseable characters are in caps. This causes issues for forums that use a mix of English and CJK, but with English as the default language. In this case, they need to toggle a single site setting.

Alternatively, punishing every non-other forum with ALLCAPS is not an ideal solution.


So the workaround for such cases where the admin is on vacation and the user needs to post now is:
for the user to put one lower case letter in the title, apparently. So perhaps me saying OpenStreetMap instead of just OSM would have allowed me to use all caps for the other part.

Indeed, success!

In the process the user is 100% not sure of the rules.

Well, still, it would be better to always show a message when changing things people write, no?
I mean e.g., if their title isn’t long enough, they get a message, instead of the program just making it long enough for them. That’s good. The same should be the case for the case of the letters.

Sure, you don’t have to “spill all the secrets”. Just tell the user “Your text has been changed” at least.
I mean how would you feel if something changed your resume behind your back?
One might say “always keep your eyes on the result of pressing Save”. Well 99% of the time it acts like we expect, so we grow to expect that is how it acts, thus a message is warranted.

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When titles are rejected for other reasons (eg too short) I think this is what happens.