Caprover install

Caprover is essentially a self-hosted Heroku, along with the ability to one-click-deploy a Docker container.

The details for these one-click apps are in a .yml — one currently exists for Discourse, but this is based on Discourse version 2.4.4.

The installation relies on the environment variable ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes.
Installing a newer version of Discourse than version 2.4.4 simply doesn’t work: it throws errors asking for PostgreSQL and Redis passwords to be provided in env variables. When they are provided, it fails another way (I gave up trying, so can’t recall!).

Installing version 2.4.4 and trying to upgrade from the dashboard doesn’t work, as it throws the error that Sidekiq isn’t running, and you can’t open a shell in the application.

I don’t understand how Discourse, Docker or Caprover works enough to modify the .yml file to make it work with a newer version!
Does anyone have any pointers?

If you can’t get help from the caprover people then your best bet will be a standard install and restore the database to the new instance.